Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Running around like crazy!

I feel like I'm constantly running in a circle. But things are falling into place. I got Emily into viola lessons with a retired orchestra teacher in Fargo. Her 5-6th grade orchestra teacher gave her rave reviews and a great recommendation, so this new teacher was happy to take her on as a student.

Last night was the sports night at Sullivan. But we also had to stop at the dance studio to get Emily measured for costumes and order new shoes (because we forgot to do it on Sunday). So I left work early, rushed home to get Emily and ran her back to the dance studio - which is 1 block from work. After 30 minutes there, we headed to Sullivan. Sat in the auditorium for 15 minutes; listened to the athletic director for 15 minutes, and then were told to go to the band room for the swimming session of the evening. The band room was empty and dark. We waited another 15 minutes and then left. So, I have a call in to the swimming coach.

Tonight is back to school night at Clara Barton and Hawthorne from 5-7:30 - each school is 1-1/2 hours, overlapping. As the PTA president, I'm responsible for the setup of the PTA tables at each school, printing out volunteer sheets for our numerous activities, staffing the tables, and helping the secretaries with lunch money, bus tickets, and PTA registration. PLUS, Sam gets to meet his teacher, put his school supplies away, and look around the kindergarten room. We're supposed to bring a picture of him doing something fun this summer, so I frantically called my dad this morning to see if he had any of Sam at the ocean when we were in NJ. Thank goodness he did and e-mailed me some great ones.

Tomorrow Emily has orientation from 9-10. Then we have parents' night at the school - Emily's not supposed to come. We meet her teachers and run through her schedule. She's got 8 classes and 4 minutes between each class. Whew!

I'll be glad when this week is over!

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