Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another Dr. Appt.

I visited my OB yesterday and things are good! I'm measuring where I should and I've gained 2 pounds total now. But the most exciting thing is that I've scheduled my ultrasound! We're so excited to see the baby. Both kids are going to join us, and they can't wait!

I'm feeling great, but do have some heartburn occassionally. I've been eating much better since I've been pregnant as I've craved milk, fruit, and fresh veggies, while fried foods, creams, and chocolate make my stomach do flip flops! Strange! And about once ever 2-3 weeks, I get this incredible craving for a big, juicy, hamburger with lettuce, ketchup, mustard, and pickles. (And not the McDonald's kind - the restaurant kind.

We went to the circus last night. Sam really enjoy it and Emily wasn't too terribly embarrassed to have gone with her parents - we had better seats than her friends, so that helpecd! It's supposed to be 65 here today, and has definitely been nice. We've spent time outside enjoying the weather by walking the dogs, riding bikes, and cleaning the van! We'll see what tomorrow brings!

Monday, March 19, 2007

16+ weeks!

And I'm feeling good! I got dusting and vacuuming done, my laundry caught up, and my house in order - for this week anyway! Rob was in San Diego last week for Convergence, so it was a little crazy at times, but we all survived.

AND, we bought a boat! It's a fishing/ski boat, so Rob can do some more serious fishing and the kids can ski and tube more often. Rob's friend, Tim, bought a new one and offered us his old one at a great price. He's always taken great care of it, so we know it's in good shape. Plus, Rob's fished from it for years, so he is comfortable with it. Now I just need to get him to take some time off from work so we can use it this summer.

I have my next OB appointment on Thursday and my dr. told me that we'd make an appointment for my level 2 ultrasound then. The kids are excited because I said they could come and watch! We're going to find out what sex the baby is, if the baby will cooperate! Then I can start buying clothes. Seems like even the "unisex" color clothing has ruffles or embroidered trucks or other sex-specific things on them.

We're looking forward to this weekend because we'll have company! Rob's parents and his aunt, uncle, and cousin who is Emily's age, are coming for a JO Volleyball tourney. It's always fun to have company in the house. I enjoy all the hustle and bustle. And of course, they'll want to go shopping! :-)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow, snow, and more snow!

Feeling like winter here! It started snowing last night and looks like we've got about 6 inches of fresh, new snow! Last weekend I was scrapbooking in Minnesota and when i got there Friday afternoon, the ground was bare. When I left on Sunday afternoon, there were 11 new inches! Fargo only got about 4 or so. But combined with this new 6, plus the additional we've continued to get all day, we've got a lot!

It hasn't stopped snowing all day. Sam's already talking about making another snow man and how we should name the town Snow Town. And I could be Snow Mom and dad will be Snow Dad, etc! He loves snow. Emily, on the other hand, can't wait for summer. Although she thinks this is pretty, she will get tired of it very soon.

I have another ailment this week - swimmer's ear. It's an infection of the ear canal. My ear feels like it is going to pop, but never does. I have been uncomfortable for a few days, and finally went in to the doctor yesterday because the pain became unmanageable. I have to use drops for a week until the pain goes away.

Unfortunately, because I haven't felt like myself for almost 7 weeks now, my house is in shambles. I've just barely been able to keep up with the daily stuff like meals!