Friday, November 03, 2006

School happenings

We have a Level III sex offender who not only lives in our school district, but who has a step-daughter that attends Hawthorne. So, legally he can be on school grounds and at school events and functions. The parents are in an uproar over this, and rightly so. Last night there was a meeting at the school to discuss sex offenders and laws in general. There were representatives from the police department, the states attorney, and the school district at the meeting ND is behind-the-times in laws regarding sex offenders. There are some that are being worked on and the district is creating a policy, but everyone wants it NOW. You can read about some of it here: I'm the PTA President, so I was hounded all day yesterday by the media for a comment. I just avoided them and let the other parents have their say last night. Now if we can just make it to the next school board meeting, when the policy should be drafted and presented to the public.

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