Friday, November 16, 2007

My last few days on maternity leave

Well, I go back to work on Monday, November 19th. I'll have had 14 weeks off, although it doesn't seem that long. My in-laws are coming to watch Benjamin Monday through Wednesday, then there's the 4 day Thanksgiving holiday/weekend. On the following Monday, Rob starts his leave and will be home until the end of the year. Benjamin will be 20 weeks to the day when he starts day care! I seriously thought about staying home full-time, but just know I would not be a good stay at home mom. I love my baby very much. but need the outside, adult stimulation that I get from my career. I'm anxious to return to work, although I know it will be difficult with lots of tears. Thank goodness I've been able to get Ben to take a bottle. He did when he was younger, but then we didn't have a need for him to use one, so we didn't. It took a few weeks, but he's doing well with the bottles now. I'm hoping that I'll get to see him roll over before I go back - I suppose that means I should let him have some time on the floor - I spend most of the day holding him because I know I won't get to soon.

We're headed to Minneapolis this weekend for Owen's baptism - he's Rob's cousin's son and is 4 weeks younger than Ben. It will be a quick trip, though - Rob's got band practice tonight, so we won't be leaving until Saturday morning and need to be back by 6 on Sunday so I can attend It's a Wonderful Night at the mall. It's a tradition for me and Emily to go to it!

And on a more serious note - I have a request for prayers. My step-mom's sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer. So far the prognosis is good - it doesn't seem to have spread to the lymph nodes or the bone, but her mom and her aunt both died of breast cancer, so it's scary for the family to have to go through this again. Plus, she's my age with 4 children at home! So please say prayers for Lisa and her family to get through this - she's having surgery on Tuesday.

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