Thursday, February 21, 2008

Benjamin rolled from his back to his stomach last night!

He worked at it for a few minutes and then just popped over. I flipped him back to his back and he did it again. The third time, he went back to tummy to back. And it shocked him! He was a little upset and Samuel was afraid he hurt himself (since he rolled from a blanket on the rug to the wood floor), but as soon as I picked him up, he smiled!

And the best thing about it is this: I helped chauffer first graders to the ice skating rink over lunch today and mentioned the rolling over to a neighbor friend of ours who was also helping. He told me that he already knew because he had lunch with his daughter and Sam and Sam told him that! He said Sam acted like a proud big brother! It was so cool!

Best wishes to SweetMarySunshine today who's hopefully having Baby C as I write this!!!


dcb said...

Congrats to Benjamin on his accomplishment.
And I think it's neat that Sam was boasting about him.

Sweet Mary Sunshine said...

Hooray for rolling! Isn't it exciting to see progress as this little baby becomes a real person?