Monday, March 31, 2008

Kid happenings

We have returned from an eventful trip to Duluth over the weekend! My dad drove up from Texas to deliver a car that he sold and then rode with the kids and me to Emily's dance competition. Rob had to be in Brookings on Friday and work over the weekend, so wasn't able to come. Thank goodness my dad was around! He was such a help! And Emily's friend, Danae also came. She was also a great help!

Emily danced in 3 groups and they won two first places and one second place! I'll post pictures later when my relief comes home. Now - why I'm waiting for relief...

Benjamin work up this morning around 3 AM and I have hardly been able to make him happy since then! He is on his 4th nap - the first three have been 15-20 minutes. So far, this one has been 20, so I'm hoping he'll stay asleep. I'm holding him while he naps.

I finally took him to the walk-in clinic because he was just totally inconsolable. The nurse put down his pain level as a 10 because he was crying so much. :-( The doctor said his fontanel is full, but his neck isn't stiff, so the symptoms don't fit with meningitis. However, he was concerned with the obvious pain that Benjamin was having, so ordered blood work - LOTS of it - so much that they had to put a needle into his arm vein to draw the blood. Poor little guy. Other than 2 bouts of pink eye, he's been healthy all winter long. I hope it's just a virus and nothing serious.

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