Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My new car

Yes, I know, I've been saying that I want/need a new van for years now. But my husband talked me out of one when we bought the Tahoe in March. However, I got tired of not having my "own" vehicle - you know, one that I could "live" out of. I like having everything I need in my car - first aid kit, shopping bags, bottled water, extra diapers/wipes/clothes, Cub Scout/PTA/work stuff. I hate having to carry everything "just in case", but I like to keep it all close by. SO, we bought a new car for me! It's a 2004 Toyota Avalon and I really like it. It sure is different driving a car - for the last 8 years I've been driving a van or truck. It fit all my van requirements (except for the automatic sliding doors and DVD player), and it even has a sun roof! :-)

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