Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kids update

Emily is in her second semester of ninth grade and really enjoying the socializing that comes with High School! She does outstanding in Religion (usually over 100%), but struggles a bit with the other subjects. She is in charge of statistics for the JV and Varsity boys basketball teams, so spends many evenings with them - both at home and on the road. Her latest broken bone has healed nicely and we're eagerly anticipaing her Spring dance recital in May. She's planning to be a CIT (Counselor in Training) at the camp she attends every summer, for at least 5-6 weeks!

Sam continues to amaze us with his reading and math skills. He gets bored quite easily with his second grade school work because it comes so easy to him. His favorite pastimes include Playing XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, and the Nintendo DS. He also loves art and has quite the collection of Pokemon cards that he's designed and drawn himself, including names, types (fire, water, etc.), and evolutions. It truly is beyond my comprehension! His school's Ice Skating Classic was in January and he got a first place ribbon. (He got fifth last year, so he was pleased.) Now he's taking swimming lessons, and I just signed him up for a week-long Wilderness camp in Minnesota with a friend from church.

Benjamin will be 18 months old on Valentine's day and has finally started walking. At his 17-month checkup, he wasn't walking or talking, so his pediatrician referred us to a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist and a pediatric Physical Therapist. Two days later (before either appointment) Benjamin started walking. He's now running all over the place. His speech is following - he says "Mamamama", "Dadada", "eye" (for Hi), and "bu bu" (for Bye Bye). We know he means Hi and Bye Bye because he does the baby wave when he says them (fingers in and out, in and out!)

Rob and I stay busy with work, chauffering kids, cub scouts, dogs, and the house. Rob's additional entertainment includes Facebook and mine is scrapbooking. So there you have it - the family in a nutshell.

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