Sunday, May 24, 2009

My trip to Ohio

I have been away from home for 5 days now. I flew to Ohio last Tuesday to take care of my mom after she had surgery. Amazingly enough, she had the surgery on Monday, and was discharged at 9:30 PM Tuesday evening! She's been doing great! We spend some time each day walking and moving around so that she can continue to heal. In doing so, we've been able to squeeze in some fun!

Wednesday we went to Vermillion, Ohio, which is right on Lake Erie. It was a beautiful day and Vermillion is a beautiful town. We wandered around their business district (all 2 blocks of it), and stopped at an old-time restaurant. (No kidding - hot dogs were $1.45!) Unfortunately, we overdid it a bit and needed to rest on Thursday. Friday we spent time in Milan at the square. We visited the antique shops and enjoyed the weather.

Saturday, Mom and I got pedicures, and then we went to an Indian event at Lyme Village and watched some dancers. Today we drove 45 miles to an outlet mall and got some great deals. My kids will be happy to help me unpack when I get home!

I'm going to do some projects around the house for Mom tomorrow, and maybe some yardwork, too. The weather has been very nice here - hopefully it will stay that way until I fly out Tuesday evening for ND.

Happy Memorial Day!

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