Sunday, August 02, 2009

Random pictures from the last couple of months

I wish that one of these days Blogger would make it easier for us to upload pictures and then rearrange them. (Maybe there is a way and I don't know it - if so, please enlighten me!)

Here are pictures from May, when I was in Ohio with my mom. Rob and his parents went to Alexandria, MN to celebrate Aunt Kathy's birthday. All of her kids were there - with Rob being an only child, these cousins are like his sisters! And their kids are all around the same ages as our kids!

There are also pictures of us in Ft. Pierre, SD, over the 4th of July holiday. I'll comment after each picture since they're not in chronological order!

Emily riding an old-fashioned bike at the resort in Alexandria.

Emily on a boat with friends in Ft. Pierre.

Sam and Benjamin at Lindenwood park with our favorite neighbor girl.

Sam with the kayak in Ft. Pierre.

Sam resting in the kayak after paddling for awhile!

Sam looking at the Declaration of Independence with Thomas Jefferson.

Sam and Benjamin at the Ft. Pierre parade. (Wearing their flag shirts!)

Grandma Mary Ellen helping Benjamin ride a bike at Alexandria.

Benjamin looking at the fire dog and a clown.

Benjamin playing in the sand at the Lake Oahe beach.

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