Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another swim meet

Another Saturday, another swim meet for Emily. She had some personal bests at this one! It was in Dickinson, ND - she left on the bus at 5 AM and didn't get home until 1 AM - LONG trip! I wasn't able to attend this meet, but plan to be at all the rest of them. Emily swam the 200 yard freestyle and decreased her time from 3:32.20 to 3:03.10! That's 30 seconds better! She also swam the 100 yard freestyle in 1:19.57, and swam the 200 yard freestyle relay - her time was 37.63 and the total team was 2:35.75.

This was all good practice for her as next Saturday she's swimming at a meet in Mandan and will be doing the 500 yard freestyle! That's 20 laps!

Sam and I had a cute conversation over the weekend:
Sam - "Mom, when is my next birthday?"
Mom - "You just had a birthday last month. You have to wait 11 more months until your next birthday."
Sam - "But what day is my next birthday?"
Mom - "August 25."
Sam - "Why is my birthday always August 25?"

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