Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Weekend news

Emily attended her first swimming invite on Saturday. These are different from regular meets that usually have 1 or 2 different schools (duals). Whapeton, Willeston, Fargo North, Fargo South, West Fargo, and Shanley. Emily competed in 4 of the 11 events. 4 is the maximum number you can compete in. She had a great time and I was able to learn a bunch because I sat next to a seasoned swimming mom and asked a lot of questions!

On Sunday, Sam attended his first day of Sunday school. He really enjoyed it and even asked on Monday if he was going to Sunday school. I explained that he had to wait 2 weeks now because our church's Fall Festival is next week and there's no Sunday school. Emily and I then prepared food and served it at the Salvation Army that afternoon. We picked up one of her friends and there were 2 other ladies from our church there, in addition to the kitchen manager. I definitely want to do that again. It made me very grateful for what I have, and there were so many kind, thankful people there that it made me want to help more.

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