Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend News and Fence Pictures

We had a wonderful weekend. Dad drove up from SD on Thursday and spent the afternoon with Sam. Emily got home from dance camp around 4:30, so we were all able to spend the evening together. Melissa joined us on Friday and Grandpa and Grandma hung out with the kids in the morning (plus Rob in the afternoon) while I worked. We had a very enjoyable weekend with great weather. Dad and Melissa left on Sunday morning and Emily flew out a few hours later for Georgia. She'll be back on Sunday.

Sam wasn't feeling well on Sunday, so we made a visit to the walk-in clinic. He had a fever, swollen tonsils, and no appetite, but no strep throat (as of yet). The doctor said "virus." We had him rest most of the day and this morning he was ready to go to day care. We did ask that he not play baseball, though - don't want to tire him out too much. Tonight is our summer picnic at work; there will be lots of great food and Games to Go (inflatables that you jump in) - I'm counting at least 12 outside now!

Below are some pictures of our new backyard fence. We LOVE it!!

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