Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Max - day 2 at home

We had a rough day yesterday. Rob called the vet because he was worried about Max's lack of activity yesterday. When we had his PCV checked, it was down to 17. PCV is pack cell volume - it should be between 35 and 50. On Sunday, Max's was at 12. After his blood transfusion, it went up to 22, but on Monday was at 18. We didn't know if the medication just hadn't had enough time to start working, or wasn't going to work.

Last night we saw some good news - Max pooped! That hasn't happened for many days, so was exciting! :-) This morning when I took him out to the vet, he went to the bathroom (#1) and it was yellow! He also seemed a little more awake. His PCV today was back to 19. That is VERY GOOD news! We're going to keep him home for the next 4 days and see how he does. We have an appointment on Monday to have his PCV checked again.

At this point, he's not stable enough for surgery and the chances that he'd survive that are small. We don't want to put him through anything like that. Hopefully his PCV numbers will continue to rise and we'll just keep up with the medication regimine that we've started.

We still need to work on getting him to eat, so I got some different, high calorie, sweet tasting (so I'm told), dog food. Max will eat a little bit if we make small balls of the food and feed it to him. Usually he eats the two balls that contain his medicine and then one or two more, so he's definitely needing to eat.

Please keep up the prayers and good thoughts!

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Sweet Mary Sunshine said...

Wow - what a journey! I'll continue to keep you guys in my prayers.