Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rest In Peace, Max

I haven't updated because I couldn't - it was too painful. Max put up a good fight, however we chose to put him to sleep on Monday, March 1st. He had not been able to stand or walk since the Friday before. He started throwing up on that Friday (February 26) and wouldn't eat, either. When we took him into the veterinary hospital on Monday, Dr. James said that his primary diagnosis, anemia, wouldn't be causing those symptoms - it would be something secondary. To treat it, we would need to start the diagnostic process again. And there were no guarantees.

Rob and I had discussed this on Sunday night and decided that we had to be responsible pet owners and do what was best for Max. We got to spend time with him after we made the decision and Dr. James and her technician were very respectful. When we were ready, I was allowed to hold him while they gave him the medication to make him sleep. It was very quick and painless. And I felt a sense of peace that he was no longer in pain. We weren't sure that he was in pain, but he definitely seemed uncomfortable. And his quality of life was definitely poor.

We had Max creamated and have already had his remains returned to us. We have a beautiful metal urn with engraving ordered and plan to have a small memorial service with the kids after it arrives. Max definitely provided us with many years of happiness. I know he's in heaven being chased around and around and around, like he used to love us to do when he was younger.

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