Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow, snow, and more snow!

Feeling like winter here! It started snowing last night and looks like we've got about 6 inches of fresh, new snow! Last weekend I was scrapbooking in Minnesota and when i got there Friday afternoon, the ground was bare. When I left on Sunday afternoon, there were 11 new inches! Fargo only got about 4 or so. But combined with this new 6, plus the additional we've continued to get all day, we've got a lot!

It hasn't stopped snowing all day. Sam's already talking about making another snow man and how we should name the town Snow Town. And I could be Snow Mom and dad will be Snow Dad, etc! He loves snow. Emily, on the other hand, can't wait for summer. Although she thinks this is pretty, she will get tired of it very soon.

I have another ailment this week - swimmer's ear. It's an infection of the ear canal. My ear feels like it is going to pop, but never does. I have been uncomfortable for a few days, and finally went in to the doctor yesterday because the pain became unmanageable. I have to use drops for a week until the pain goes away.

Unfortunately, because I haven't felt like myself for almost 7 weeks now, my house is in shambles. I've just barely been able to keep up with the daily stuff like meals!

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Sweet Mary Sunshine said...

Sounds like you need a good helping of What's for Dinner and Merry Maids! Poor thing. If I thought it would be an easier trade for you to watch my two kiddos while I caught you up on your housework, I'd offer. But I'm afraid that that would be very mean of me. Good luck with that darned ear!