Monday, March 19, 2007

16+ weeks!

And I'm feeling good! I got dusting and vacuuming done, my laundry caught up, and my house in order - for this week anyway! Rob was in San Diego last week for Convergence, so it was a little crazy at times, but we all survived.

AND, we bought a boat! It's a fishing/ski boat, so Rob can do some more serious fishing and the kids can ski and tube more often. Rob's friend, Tim, bought a new one and offered us his old one at a great price. He's always taken great care of it, so we know it's in good shape. Plus, Rob's fished from it for years, so he is comfortable with it. Now I just need to get him to take some time off from work so we can use it this summer.

I have my next OB appointment on Thursday and my dr. told me that we'd make an appointment for my level 2 ultrasound then. The kids are excited because I said they could come and watch! We're going to find out what sex the baby is, if the baby will cooperate! Then I can start buying clothes. Seems like even the "unisex" color clothing has ruffles or embroidered trucks or other sex-specific things on them.

We're looking forward to this weekend because we'll have company! Rob's parents and his aunt, uncle, and cousin who is Emily's age, are coming for a JO Volleyball tourney. It's always fun to have company in the house. I enjoy all the hustle and bustle. And of course, they'll want to go shopping! :-)

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