Monday, May 21, 2007

4 days left of school!

We had a busy weekend! Emily had dance recitals on Friday and Saturday nights and a softball tournament on Saturday afternoon. The in-laws came on Saturday to see the recital, and stayed until early Sunday evening. My father-in-law loves our new lawn mower, so he mowed our entire yard over the weekend. That was a big help and time saver! Although Emily also loves the new mower, so she's started mowing, too.

We splurged last week and bought the new mower and a new grill - a Weber Genesis. Our other grill was about 8 years old and had definitely seen better days. It was time to get a new one. Rob and I put it together last weekend and had a blast doing it. We hadn't spent that much uninterrupted time, just the two of us, in quite awhile!

I had my glucose tolerance test on Friday. (That's to test for gestational diabetes.) I don't have the results yet, but am not concerned - it's never been an issue before. I'm measuring at 26 weeks, so the doctor said I'm right on track. The family is still working on names - seems like we're getting more in synch with what we like and what we don't, but I'm glad we still have a few months to decide.

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