Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dance competition and Softball updates

Last weekend we went to Bismarck for an IDC event (International Dance Competition). Emily dance on Saturday and Sunday and both of her dances received the Sterling Silver award! Each dance is evaluated on technique, coreography, and other things, and awarded points, that correspond with different levels - Platinum, Gold. Sterling Silver, Silver, Bronze, and no award. She was excited that they did so well! She had a blast and really learned a lot. Sam wasn't as excited - he had to come with me because Rob was an attendant in a wedding on Saturday, so had rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, pictures, wedding, etc. and really couldn't watch him. But, Sam got lots of swimming in and we got a new Nintendo DS game to keep him busy!

Last night Emily had two softball games. They won the first one 14-2 and the second one 16-14. She played second base for both games and had 5 great catches to get the batter out and another 3 catches to get the runner out on 2nd! She also had a couple of hits and 2 RBI's!

Tonight is the last PTA meeting of the 2006-2007 school year, which means it's the last one that I preside over as President! I had a great time, but am glad to pass the gavel over - it's been exhausing!

Happy May Day!

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