Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Super weekend!

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend as a family. Saturday's weather wasn't too nice, but we cleaned the house and got caught up on the laundry. Sunday and Monday were beautiful, so we spent most of both days outside. On Sunday, Sam caught his first fish! Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera along, so didn't get to preserve the memory :-(. We drove down to Lindenwood park and sat by the water. It's quite flooded now, so we were pretty sure we wouldn't catch anything, but Sam wanted to practice "throwing the hook!" He is so excited about the whole fishing thing!

Because of where we were sitting, we had quite a few snags, so when he couldn't get it unsnagged, he asked me to help. About the third time I tried to unsnag it and thought, "Hmmm - I think there's something on the hook!" I gave the rod back to Sam and told him to real it in and sure enough, there was a fish on the end of it! We're not sure what kind it was (you never know in the Red River what you'll catch), but it was about 8-10 inches long and a pretty silver/white color. He was pretty thrilled! We put it back in the water, even though Sam wanted to eat it! We explained it was too small to eat and then he was OK with letting it go.

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