Monday, June 25, 2007

Nice weekend

Emily came home after spending 2 weeks with her grandma (my mom) in Ohio. It was her 4th year flying by herself to spend time there. They always do all sorts of fun things like going to Cedar Point amusement park and the Kalahari water park. They also visited Amish country, a mansion, and other tourist attractions. And she got 5 inches cut off her hair.

Sam went to a birthday party on Saturday evening. Rob got to go, too! It was for a classmate who also attends our church and goes to Sam's Sunday school. She had a hula party! They had food and a swiming pool and a pinata. Both Rob and Sam had a blast.

Rob's parents were here this weekend. Actually, his dad has been here since Tuesday. Rob took time off from work and they got some chores done around the house - the biggest of which was the removal of a small picket fence in the back yard. Riley, our yellow lab, jumps the fence with about 2 extra feet below her, so we are getting a 5 foot aluminum fence.

Of course, after ordering the fence on Friday, we decided to do things a little differently and the sales guy is coming out again today to modify our order. What's another $1000 when you're already spending $6000, right? Sigh.

And the best part of the weekend - our air conditioner quit cooling on Saturday night. It was only about 90 or so outside and quite humid, so opening the doors and windows was not an option. We had our new furnace and A/C unit put in in May of 2005 and this is the second time we've had to have them come fix the A/C. (We've had to have them come fix the heater once, too!) Rob's finally gotten as frustrated and angry as I have and will be exchanging some words with the sales guy today.

Now that Emily's back, things are going to be busy again. Sam has a baseball game at 12:45 today. I'm nervous because the heat index is supposed to be near 100 by then. Emily has dance from 5:30-7:30 and softball games at 6 and 7:30. I think we'll leave dance at 7 to be at the second game. Busy summer!

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