Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday already?

Boy, the last 7 days have just flown by! Rob, the kids and I, and his uncle Jerry from Minneapolis, left at 7 AM Thursday morning for Devil's Lake, ND for the 8th annual Microsoft fishing tournament. Thursday was a little gray with scattered showers occassionally, but Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were beautiful! Temps were in the mid-upper 70's with sunny skies and light breezes. We camped, but slept in campers as Jerry brought his and then Bob and Mary Ellen joined us on Friday afternoon. Rob and Jerry didn't place in the top 10, but did get some fish. They took Emily and her friend out on Sunday morning and caught a few more. Rob really enjoyed his new fishing boat. I'm glad we have it!

Monday night Emily had a double-header softball game. Won one and lost one. Tuesday night we went to the Red River Zoo for a work event. (Emily had a better offer - watching a friend's brother's baseball game.) My co-worker took pictures and got this cute one of Sam.

Last night I planted 14 perennials and 2 bushes and pulled a ton of weeds. 2 hours later I was exhausted, so took a hot shower and went to bed early! Tonight I have to do lots of laundry because Emily leaves first thing in the morning for her annual 2 week trip to Ohio. The house just isn't the same without her around!

I just tried to upload her spring school picture, but got an error, so will try again later today or tomorrow. She looks so much older without her braces on!

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