Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bad colds

Poor Benjamin STILL has his first bad cold. And it's settling in his eyes, of all places. So we visited the doctor on Saturday to verify it wasn't bacterial, and ended up getting eye drops for the conjuctivitis. I'm not sure day care will even let him go tomorrow, but he'll have been on medication for over 24 hours. We'll have to see. Even though he's not feeling well, he's still such a good baby! He's sitting on my lap helping me type this right now!

I was hoping to get some new pictures posted, but have spent pretty much all my free time the last week holding Benjamin and doing laundry! (Don't ask about the rest of my house!) Maybe in the next couple of days!

Oh, and Ben is 15.8 pounds clothed! :-)

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Sweet Mary Sunshine said...

What a poor little guy - but how great is it that he's so big! I can only hope for some bulk with our next little guy. Take care, my friend. I'd love to see you soon.