Tuesday, February 27, 2007

13 weeks!

I'm almost done with my first trimester! Thank heavens the Augmentin that I was given cleared up my sinus infection so that I could start enjoying this pregnancy! I had my first OB appointment and actually lost 2 pounds my first trimester! I didn't think that I was that sick. The Dr. said it was OK - it happens often the first 12 weeks. I'm not as tired as I was, but still am pretty wiped out these days. Don' tknow if it's the pregnancy thing or if I'm just not sleeping well.

I got to see the baby on an ultrasound at the doctor's office! One little bean in there - she said she could see good limb development, good placental development, and a heart beat! What more do we need?! It hasn't seemed totally real until I saw that picture - she even gave me a print out - it's so small, but it's there!

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